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Unveiling the Artistry of Goldsmithing Services

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Goldsmithing is not just about maintaining and repairing your cherished jewellery; it’s an art form that transforms metal into exquisite masterpieces. At Janina's, our skilled goldsmiths possess the expertise and dedication necessary to breathe new life into your precious pieces. 

Discover the intricacies of goldsmithing services and why you can trust us to safeguard your most precious jewellery.

Rhodium Plating: Enhancing Brilliance 

Rhodium plating is a technique used to enhance the appearance of white gold jewellery, giving it a lustrous, pure white colour. Since gold is naturally yellow, white gold is created by blending white metals with pure gold. By applying a layer of rhodium onto the jewellery's surface, our trained goldsmiths can achieve the desired pristine white look. 

Depending on wear and tear, our experts can advise you on when it is necessary to replace the rhodium plating, ensuring your jewellery always shines brilliantly.

Soldering Together: Ensuring Lasting Unity 

Soldering rings together is a service commonly sought by individuals with wedding sets, ensuring their rings remain united as a symbol of everlasting love. This process permanently fuses separate rings together using metal.

 Apart from enhancing the aesthetic appeal, soldering rings together also offers practical benefits. When wedding and engagement rings are worn separately, constant friction can lead to faster wear and tear. By soldering the rings together, you can protect them from unnecessary damage and reduce the frequency of rhodium plating replacements. 

Soldering also helps maintain the alignment of the rings, preventing them from sliding or moving during daily activities.

Check-and-Tighten: Preserving Perfection

Our check-and-tighten service aims to ensure that your rings are always in their best possible condition. Our meticulous goldsmiths thoroughly analyze your pieces for any signs of damage or wear. 

Additionally, we meticulously tighten each prong that holds your precious gemstones, ensuring they remain securely in place. Over time, the metal of the prongs can slightly shift, but with our check-and-tighten service, you can have confidence that your diamonds or gemstones will stay snugly set.

Prong Retipping: Safeguarding Sparkle

The prongs on your ring play a crucial role in securing your gemstones. When these prongs become damaged, the risk of gemstone dislodgment or loss increases. 

Prong retipping is a specialized technique employed by experienced goldsmiths to rebuild damaged prongs without replacing the entire structure. By skillfully adding metal to the prong's tip, we ensure that your diamonds or gemstones are securely held in place. 

In cases where the prong is completely broken, our goldsmiths will expertly rebuild the entire prong, restoring the integrity of your jewellery.

Why Entrust Janina's Goldsmiths With Your Pieces

When it comes to your most treasured pieces of jewellery, it is essential to rely on skilled professionals. At Janina's, our goldsmiths possess the highest quality training and extensive experience needed to care for your most precious possessions. We believe in staying at the forefront of the industry by embracing innovation and continually expanding our knowledge. 

With our state-of-the-art equipment, such as the Rofin laser, we can deliver precise and durable repairs of exceptional quality, ensuring your jewellery receives the treatment it deserves.

Have More Questions? 

Contact our dedicated team today for any additional inquiries you may have. We are passionate about providing guidance to help you maintain your jewellery in optimal condition. Call us or visit our store, and let us assist you in preserving the beauty and longevity of your beloved pieces.