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Cleaning, Sizing, & Repairs

Servicing Your Rolex

As an Official Rolex Retailer, Janina’s Diamonds and Time is authorized to receive your Rolex watch for servicing. 

Upon receiving your Rolex watch, a trained member of the Janina’s staff will help you create a service profile and note any special requests you may have.  Your watch is then sent to the Rolex Service Center where it will be serviced by certified Rolex watchmakers. 

Further information regarding the service of your Rolex watch can be found here.

Jewellery Cleaning

Allow your jewellery to look its best. Our quick and efficient cleaning services will restore the sparkle to each and every piece.

We recommend routine cleaning every three to four months and offer complimentary ultrasonic and steam cleaning to most jewellery, regardless of where it was purchased. The process takes no longer than four minutes, and leaves your jewellery looking as good as new.

We also offer Rhodium plating and polishing services to bring jewellery back to its original brilliance. This is a paid service and turnaround time depends on scheduling.

Sizing & Repairs

Make sure every piece of jewellery fits you perfectly. Our on-site, state of the art goldsmith studio can accommodate most types of repairs and sizings. Rest assured that your piece is in good hands, and also that you’ll receive the adjustment in a timely manner.

Our most common repairs are ring sizings, chain lengthening and shortening, repairing broken prongs and tips and rhodium plating, to name a few. As well, we recommend the “check and tighten” service. For rings with numerous diamonds and prongs (we’ve seen some with more than 150 diamonds!), our goldsmith analyzes the ring under a microscope and performs a check-and-tighten on every prong. When a ring has worn or damaged prongs, we are able to completely rebuild the prongs and tips.

After a consultation we will provide a time and price estimate on the service you require. We strive to have your jewellery ready within 10 business days, however this can vary depending on the time of year and demand. Call us today to learn more about how we can help you.