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    A History of Janina's

    Every story has a beginning and Janina’s started when Andrzej and Janina immigrated from Poland to Canada. Upon their arrival on a winter night in 1982, Andrzej and Janina both were determined to make a home in Grande Prairie for themselves.

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    Because We Love Jewellery

    Because We Love Jewellery

    Humans have been enchanted by jewellery for thousands of years. For some, it's the physical representation of a commitment: to their partner, to their family, to a loved one. 

    For others, their jewellery carries a story. A ring with three gemstones may symbolize the past, present, and future. 

    Others look at jewellery as the purest form of expression. These interchangeable rings, bracelets, and pendants state both their mood and their personality. Some mix metals to show whimsy or creativity; other layer necklaces to express their persona, to better demonstrate their true selves. 

    You deserve quality choices to present your personal styles, trends, stories, and symbols to the world – even in these changing times. 

    Shop Local Online

    Shop Local Online

    Now you can shop for your favourite brands and pieces online, through Janina's. Buy necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, and more for you or as a gift for someone you love. 

    Support local business online. Preview your favourite pieces virtually and choose a variety of methods for completing your order. Add the piece to your cart, visit us in-store to see it in person, or give us a call to learn more about your favourites.

    For all your jewellery needs, look no further. As a Canadian business, we’re proud to offer free shipping on orders over $100 anywhere in Canada.

    Phone: 780-539-9992 // Email: // Facebook Message:

    Trust Our Over 30 Years of Jewellery Experience

    Trust Our Over 30 Years of Jewellery Experience

    We offer an exquisite collection of carefully selected jewellery to suit any taste and occasion. Our professional staff will help you find that perfect piece to create memories for a lifetime.

    We take unique pride in all that we do and offer. From excellent service to finely crafted pieces of jewellery, we aim to turn our clients’ collection of moments into long-lasting memories. It’s vital for us to ensure our clients make an informed and confident buying decision and pick the perfect piece that fits their style and budget. Step by step, we work with our clients to guide them through purchasing, insuring and maintaining their unique purchase.