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Let’s Talk About Rhodium Plating & Other Goldsmith Services

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If you’ve had your white gold rings checked before by a jeweller, you might have heard the term rhodium plating. Let’s talk about what rhodium plating is, why it’s important, and how to know if your rings need to be serviced.

What is Rhodium Plating & Why Is It Used In Jewellery?

Rhodium plating is used in white gold jewellery. Since gold is naturally yellow, white gold is created by mixing white metals with pure gold. This process whitens the colour of the metal, giving it a lighter, whiter shine. 

Commonly, this initial colouring is done by combing gold with nickel or another white metal. However, this leaves the metal an off-white colour – whiter than before, but not crisp or bright. 

To obtain that true white colouring so desired for white gold jewellery, we place rhodium overtop of the existing metal. This elevates the off-white appearance into a true, pristine white colour. 

How Long Will Rhodium Plating Last?

The lifespan of rhodium plating depends on a number of factors. The more friction placed on the piece and the more often it is worn, the quicker the rhodium plating will wear down. 

For these reasons, rings should be checked regularly to ensure the rhodium plating doesn’t need to be replaced. We recommend yearly checks if you are wearing your rings daily.

Necklaces, earrings, and bracelets that aren’t worn daily may need to be checked less often. Your local jeweller should be able to provide more guidance for your specific needs. 

How Do I Get My Rings Or Other Pieces of Jewellery Replated?

A trusted jeweller with trained goldsmiths will be able to perform rhodium plating on your jewellery. These professionals can also guide you on whether or not rhodium plating is necessary and, if not, when your rings might require this service.

Will Rhodium Plating Ruin Diamonds Or Gemstones In My Ring?

Rhodium plating is applied by running a current through the metal of a ring. Since diamonds and gemstones do not conduct electricity, they are safe from this plating process. Beyond that, trusted goldsmiths will always take any available steps to keep your stones as safe as possible during any goldsmithing service.

What Is A Check & Tighten? 

A check and tighten is a service offered by our remarkable goldsmiths to ensure your rings and other jewellery pieces remain in the best condition possible. During this service, we analyze your jewellery under a microscope, identifying any worn or damaged prongs, as well as check the rhodium plating on your rings as necessary. 

The more you wear your rings, the more often you should have a check and tighten service provided on them. When rings aren’t serviced regularly, they are at risk of damaged or worn-out prongs. Either of these issues can result in the loss of gems, diamonds, or other stones.

Bringing your rings in yearly to your local trusted jeweller is a good place to start. 

What If I Have More Questions About Rhodium Plating Or Taking Care of My Jewellery? 

Contact our team today for any additional questions you may have. We’re always happy to offer guidance to help you keep your jewellery in the best condition possible. Call us today or stop by in-store to get started.