For 2023, expect a rise in vibrant stones, particularly green ones. These stones are being used in several ways, including vintage-inspired looks and minimalistic designs. Keeping these trends in mind can help make your next shopping trip all the more fun.

Four New Jewellery Trends to Keep Your Eye On For 2023

For 2023, expect a rise in vibrant stones, particularly green ones. These stones are being used in several ways, including vintage-inspired looks and minimalistic designs. Keeping these trends in mind can help make your next shopping trip all the more fun.

1. The Rise of Vibrant, Green Gemstones

Emerald and diamond wedding ring

Vibrant-coloured gemstone jewellery is on the rise. This is especially accurate for green gemstones, including tourmalines, peridots, green sapphires, and emeralds.


Emeralds are iconic – and they’re on the comeback. May’s illustrious gem, emeralds offer a classic choice to add luxury to your jewellery collection. 

Emeralds are popular gemstones because they complement a variety of styles. With antique styles, emeralds add timeless elegance. For minimalistic pieces, emeralds refine their simplicity, augmenting their delicateness without being too powerful. Yet, in the right cut and piece, a vibrant emerald can enrich a bold statement piece.

Another emerging trend with emeralds is their use in men’s jewellery. While emeralds are more traditionally tied to women’s pieces, men’s jewellery has started to feature these green precious stones more and more. Rings and cufflinks featuring emeralds are increasing in popularity as they add both luxury and distinction to any men’s piece.

Other Green Gemstones 

While emeralds are on the rise, so are other vibrant green stones, including tourmalines, peridots, and green sapphires.

Tourmaline is a vibrant gemstone, available in a variety of solid and multi-colour variations, with single-colour stones being rarer than others. Green tourmalines are ranked as 7.0-7.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, making them a good choice for everyday wear. 

Peridots are one of the birthstones used for August. With its olive green colouring, peridots are a gorgeous gemstone choice for nearly any piece. It is softer than other stones, ranking at 6.5 to 7.0 on the Mohs hardness scale, which means it’ll require extra care when wearing it day to day. 

Green sapphires are hard and durable stones that offer vibrant colours for everything from a bold piece to an elegant look. Rated at 9 on the Mohs hardness scale, green sapphires are an ideal choice for a variety of jewellery pieces you plan on wearing daily.

Green malachite is a mineral that forms above copper deposits. People tend to seek malachite for its range of green hues and the special rings that appear in its colouring, referred to as peacock’s eye. While malachite is a gorgeous stone, it’s also soft, ranking at 3.5 to 4.0 on the Mohs hardness scale. To buff it up, malachite can be protected with wax or resin, but it’s important to keep its relative softness in mind if wearing pieces with this stone every day.

2. The Return of Pearls

Pearl necklace

While a classic string of pearls will never go out of style, the return of pearls goes beyond its traditional look. Pearls are being used in creative ways. From adding pearls to earrings to heighten their elegance to matching pearls with other stones for a truly unique look, these timeless gems are making a new splash. 

Pearls themselves are connected to June as one of its birthstones. Though we often associate pearls with a luscious cream-white colour, they are found in many naturally occurring colours. Black, grey, and brown pearls are less common, though nearly any colour of pearl can be found – though some are rarer than others. 

Pearls are naturally formed by mollusk shells living in seas or lakes. The colour of a pearl depends on the layers of nacre, which is the nanolayered structure composed of aragonite crystal layers. The reflection and thickness of the nacre determine the colour, as well as the lustre, of the pearl.

3. Colourful & Bold Pieces

Bright stone rings on finger

Green gemstones aren’t the only colourful pieces making a trendy comeback. Bright and colourful statement pieces – from bold earrings to striking bracelets and necklaces – are a way to add a bit of fun to every day.

4. Minimalistic & Delicate Designs

Delicate, dainty, simple necklace

Though bold and colourful pieces are finding their place in 2023, minimalistic designs remain a staple to any jewellery collection. Dainty gold rings, delicate pendant necklaces, simple studs, and elegant bracelets are ideal. These pieces can be dressed up for fancier occasions and events while maintaining the flexibility to be dressed down for everyday wear. 

And, since simple pieces can be layered for fresh looks, these staples are timeless investments as well as trendy choices. 

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