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The Janina's Quality Commitment

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Our Commitment to Quality

Janina’s Jewellers is a team of dedicated individuals and craftsmen. Driven by our commitment to quality, our team works together to carefully handpick and curate every piece in our selection.

This process cannot be done without directly connecting with our vendors across the world, hearing the stories and understanding the unique craftsmanship involved in the creation of each piece. This story becomes part of our story as we bring the finely crafted jewellery and watches home to share with our new and loyal clients. 

For our team at Janina’s, it is very important that vendor stories are listened to and felt face-to-face as often as possible. Our team has often travelled to Basel, Switzerland to attend Baselworld, a pinnacle event for the world’s biggest fair for watch enthusiasts. It is here that we connect with trendsetting brands and spend time selecting the latest timepieces to bring to Janina’s. Our team also travels to JCK, North America’s largest jewellery event, another opportunity to handpick pieces for Janina’s but also to explore the latest goldsmithing tools and resources to bring back to our in-house shop. In addition to attending JCK, the team pays visits to some leading bridal and fashion Jewellery companies located in Los Angeles, enabling us to review the latest trends in the jewellery world.

These trips and visits allow the team to better understand the current trends of the world while finding ways to establish Janina’s into the story. Andrzej’s efforts during these times not only establish Janina’s story but build an understanding of other stories around the world. Included in his travels, Andrzej has visited the diamond mines in the Canadian North to fully immerse himself in the world and processes of diamonds. His immense knowledge gained is the reason why many clients entrust him to personally find them the perfect stone. His passion for what he does is one of the main contributing factors to the success of Janina’s.

But just how can we tell the story of our commitment to quality that we gained in person when we cannot connect in person? During the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, Janina’s found ourselves balancing how to share the story of our handpicked pieces with new and loyal clients while also protecting them during this time of fear and uncertainty. Our commitment to quality is as strong as our commitment to our clients - and something that we knew we could provide during this moment in time was consistency and knowledge.

Through the implementation of our virtual concierge service, our sales team is available for our clients in real-time to answer any questions about our online-curated pieces and to share the stories of the wider selection available in-store. Even if you cannot join us in our showroom while we are open, the knowledge of our high-quality pieces shared here is the same as the knowledge that would be shared face-to-face. As an authorized retailer for a number of global brands with a strong local story, this virtual platform has opened the door to new clients where remote conversations were their primary option - a conversation we are happy to share.

When not on the road, in-store, or online, our team is always finding ways to stay on top of the latest fashion trends. Whether it’s through training from the Gemological Institute of America to following and researching the latest jewellery magazines and watching for trends, our team never stops learning.