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6 Tips for Buying An Engagement Ring

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You might be the one buying the engagement ring, or you might be looking for the perfect engagement ring to send a strong hint to your partner. Regardless, engagement ring shopping can be a stressful endeavour. With different bands, diamond cuts, stones, and metals to choose from, the choice can be an overwhelming one for many people. 

We’re here to help. Here are our top six tips to keep in mind as you look at engagement rings.

1. Choose A Diamond Cut & Shape

Diamond cuts dramatically change the look, feel, and price of an engagement ring. Having a solid idea of what diamond cut your partner prefers is an excellent start to any engagement ring shopping. 

For those looking for more sparkle, round diamonds are an easy favourite. For those looking for a more sophisticated and refined aesthetic, an emerald or princess cut might be the right choice. 

While there’s no wrong answer in choosing the diamond cut and shape, the cut does dramatically change the appearance of the ring. Matching the right diamond cut to the style of the person who will be wearing it is the first step you want to take when looking for an engagement ring.

2. Choose A Metal for the Ring

Like the diamond, the colour of the metal – and the type of metal – can change the appearance of the ring a lot. Again, it is vital to know the style of the person wearing it. 

Yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and platinum are common choices for engagement rings. Some people don’t like to mix gold, while others consider it an everyday practice. You'll want to know whether or not your partner is looking for a specific metal colour (or colours) before you buy a ring. 

3. Consider What Stone Is Right For You or Your Partner

Generally, diamonds are, in fact, a woman’s best friend. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean that your partner is looking for only a diamond in their engagement ring. Some people like other stones, like sapphires, to sit on either side of the diamond. Others prefer only diamonds. And, some even want alternative stones instead of a diamond. 

Consider asking (or having a good friend ask subtly) what type of stone your partner is expecting and wanting in a ring. 

4. Have Your Budget in Mind Before Going Shopping

Shopping for an engagement ring can be exciting, and sometimes overwhelming. Having a strong idea of your budget is crucial to ensuring the process goes smoothly. It’s a good idea to do a bit of studying what your partner is looking for and make sure you have the budget to bring their dream into reality. 

5. Don’t Forget to Consider Your Wedding Band!

While wedding bands come in all shapes and sizes, some people are particular about how they would like their wedding set to look. If this sounds like your partner, we recommend having a strong sense of what they want the final set to look like before you come into the store to make that big purchase. 

6. Ask For Guidance From Close Friends & Industry Experts 

The wonderful thing about engagement ring shopping is that you have a lot of options. However, sometimes options can feel overwhelming. As you look into rings and diamonds, be sure to reach out to industry experts to ensure you’re getting exactly what you’re looking for.

The same goes for close friends. Sometimes, it’s hard to know the answer to all these questions. It becomes even more complicated if you’re trying to keep things under wraps. Remember to call on family and friends as you need to help ensure you get the ring of everyone’s dreams. 

Want to Find the Perfect Engagement Ring?

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