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5 Reasons Watches & Timepieces Are A Timeless Investment – For Every Generation

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Time is forever. It’s inescapable, invaluable, and all-enduring. The same goes for watches and timepieces. Intricately crafted and marvellously designed, timepieces are a lasting investment.

Like all pieces of technology, timepieces were once expected to become obsolete. With the time itself available on nearly everything from cellphones to microwaves, it seemed like watches were no longer useful. Yet, here they remain.

We’re not surprised they’ve lasted, and even hit a surge of recent popularity. Call it our own personal bias – we clearly love a quality watch – or something else entirely, but we have good reason to believe that timepieces are, well, timeless.

1) Quality is King

Watches, no matter how sleek and modern the design, recall a different time: a time in which the quality of a product was first and foremost. In this time, everything was designed, crafted, and assembled by hand.

This standard has disappeared in many industries, but timepieces are still created with a heavy emphasis on the handmade. Crafting a timepiece requires skill and precision. Only an incredibly precise device can properly track time, which means watches aren’t just fashion accessories. They’re meticulous tools that take talent to create.

2) Reliable Beyond a Screen

Batteries die. Screens shut down. Electronics malfunction. But timepieces, like the time they keep, are reliable.

Timepieces depend on either mechanical wind movements or automatic wind movements or both. If you’ve ever seen the inside of a watch you’ll know there’s an incredible number of wheels, springs, gears, and other tiny, purposeful pieces that keep them ticking. This makes them durable in a way that computerized or electronic watches can never be, allowing them to keep time even 80 feet deep in the Gulf of California.

3) Distraction-Free Functions

Jewels are exquisite – you’ll never hear us say differently – but there’s something extraordinary about accessories that serve a purpose. In a world of competing distractions, there’s also something marvellous about objects that have a simplified purpose: one that adds information when requested, not a distraction when it’s not.

Timepieces provide a much-needed disconnection from technology. Devices with a specifically analog purpose, timepieces call to a particular audience who is looking to focus on fully living in the moment. What could be more valuable than that?

4) Handcrafted Artistry

No matter your generation, chances are you appreciate good quality. This makes our products last longer, but it’s not just about longevity: it’s about understanding and appreciating true value.

Few people – timepiece lovers or not – can argue with the beauty of an intricately handcrafted watch. Those small gears and intricate hardware all mean something to us. We understand it takes time, effort, and skill to perfect. And that intense dedication deserves respect and recognition.

5) Marking Occasions

Accessories often mark moments: rings to commemorate a graduation, bands to recognize a commitment of love. Timepieces, in the same way, landmark moments, and have a long tradition of doing so.

From symbolizing a new birth or signifying graduation or marriage, timepieces are often tethered to a story: a single event that, like the watch itself, has stayed with them despite, or in spite of, the ticking time.