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5 Reasons to Keep Your Jewellery in a Jewellery Box or Case

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Throughout all the clients we have, we know one thing for sure: our clients love their jewellery. And, when you love something, you protect it from harm. 

Jewellery boxes provide a safe haven for your most precious pieces. But, beyond protection, a high-quality jewellery box does more than protect; it also helps keep your jewellery organized, provides an easy way to travel with your best pieces, and expresses your personal style.

1. Keep Your Jewellery Organized for Easy Access

One reason many women choose to buy a jewellery box is to keep their jewellery organized. Having a place for all your pieces is a good way to declutter your room. 

Since most jewellery cases have specific slots for earrings, bracelets, rings, and necklaces, you can keep your pieces from getting tangled together. This also allows you to easily find certain pieces. 

For earrings, jewellery boxes are a fantastic way to make sure that both earrings stay together and are ready for you when you’re heading out the door. Without a jewellery box, you might spend time looking for certain pieces, forcing you to be late or go without your accessories.

2. Protect Your Most Precious Pieces from Damage

When jewellery sits out in the open, the pieces are left vulnerable. Jewellery can be knocked off high dressers, hit by heavy objects, or exposed to damaging chemicals. 

Jewellery boxes place jewellery inside a closed, contained case. Since the jewellery is secured in one spot, the risk of damage is much lower. These cases can also be closed, sealing these precious pieces away from harmful environments with ease.


3. Reduce the Risk of Jewellery Loss And Theft

Just as jewellery boxes and cases reduce the risk of damage to your most valuable pieces, these protective havens provide a place for you to keep your jewellery safe from accidental loss and theft. 

Jewellery that’s left out in the open is more likely to be moved, hit, or covered with other objects, leading to a higher risk of loss. And, because jewellery boxes are a consistent place where you put the pieces you’re not currently wearing, you won’t forget where you left your bracelet or earrings after a night out. 

Though jewellery boxes aren’t a surefire protection against all thefts, placing your jewellery in a specific spot that can be closed and covered reduces the risk of theft. When jewellery is left in the open, it’s easier to pocket. Any jewellery box provides higher protection than that.

For your most valuable pieces, you can consider investing in a jewellery box that locks, creating an extra seal of protection for the most precious parts of your collection.

4. Easily Travel With Your Favourite Jewellery Pieces

If you’re a person who travels often, investing in a travel case for your jewellery can be particularly helpful. Travel cases offer an on-the-go solution for your pieces, protecting them from being tangled together with separate compartments. 

They also offer protection from damage and loss. Without a case, hotels and suitcases become threats to your jewellery, offering numerous places for rings to be lost, earrings to be separated, necklaces to be damaged, and bracelets to be stolen.

Many travel cases come in a variety of sizes as well, meaning you can choose the right size for your trip and pack your jewellery accordingly.


5. Express Your Personal Style 

The final reason we love jewellery cases so much at Janina’s is quite simple: they’re beautiful. For all their functionality, these cases offer a wonderful addition to any room – from your bedroom to a hotel room, and all spots in between.

Check them out yourself the next time you’re in-store!




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