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5 Reasons to Engrave Your Jewellery

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Engraving your jewellery is a way to make it more unique and personal. From small images to short, meaningful quotes or sentimental words, the possibilities with jewellery engraving are endless. And, while jewellery pieces are gorgeous without engraving, an inscription can make your piece all the more beautiful.

So, here are the top five reasons to consider engraving your favourite jewellery pieces. 

1. Increase the Jewellery’s Sentimentality and Personal Meaning

Engravings make a piece of jewellery completely yours. Beyond that, engravings augment jewellery to make it incredibly special and unique. 

Engraved wedding bands can remind you of your shared love every day. An heirloom engraved with your grandmother’s name keeps her with you at all times. Engravings increase the meaning behind your already meaningful pieces.

2. Express Your Love for One Another

Wedding bands and engagement rings are commonly engraved pieces of jewellery. From inside jokes or pet names to small symbols of your commitment, an engraving builds on the love you share, offering another spot for you to share your relationship with the world.

3. Mark an Occasion or Special Date

Anniversary dates, wedding dates, graduation dates, and more, marking momentous occasions on a ring or pendant is a perfect way to keep it close to your heart. This can add to the thoughtfulness of a gift for graduation or other special moments.

These engravings aren’t limited to rings and pendants either. Inscribing a timepiece or watch with a date can remind you of your life’s greatest achievements every time you check the time. 

4. Create a Piece to Last a Lifetime

While engraving jewellery or timepieces makes it uniquely yours, it also offers a special way to leave your mark for future generations. For rings and watches you intend to hand down to children or grandchildren, engraving these pieces means leaving a small symbol of your story as the jewellery becomes a part of someone else’s.

5. Affirm the Bond on Your Wedding Bands

Again, wedding and engagement rings are popular items for people to engrave. Many newlywed couples use engraving to reaffirm their vows or their values. Since the engraving is tucked on the inside of the ring, it's kept close to the wearer, making these commitments all the more personal – and intimate. 

Things to Consider Before You Engrave Your Ring or Other Jewellery

Before settling on engraving something on your ring or other jewellery pieces, be sure to consider the following:

1. Is Your Jewellery Made of the Right Metal

Certain metals and engraving don’t mix. Depending on how your ring or other jewellery piece is crafted, an engraving might not work either. Talk to your trusted goldsmith to find out if engraving is a viable option for your jewellery piece.

2. What Message Do You Want

The length or size of your message depends on the jewellery piece you want it engraved. Rings can only fit a small number of words, and other smaller jewellery pieces will run into the same issue. Keeping your message brief and succinct will help it fit onto the jewellery piece easily.

Curious About Engraving Services?

Contact our dedicated team today for any additional inquiries about engraving you may have. Call us or visit our store, and let us assist you in augmenting the beauty and uniqueness of your beloved pieces.