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4 Stunning Alberta Proposal Spots

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Deciding to pop the question is only step one. There’s a good chance you already know where you’re going to do it, such as the spot you first met or in a special location. But for those of us that met our significant other online or at an undesirable proposal location (McDonald’s, anyone?), we need a bit of help!

We did some research and came up with a few spots in Alberta that caught our eye: these range from the quiet and private to the extremely adventurous.

A Proposal Spot for the Adventurous

Via Ferrata – Mt. Norquay

Want to add even more excitement to your proposal? Our top pick based on excitement factor is Mt. Norquay’s Via Ferrata – a thrilling mountain climb with breathtaking views. Located just outside of Banff, Alberta, the Via Ferrata is a bare-bones steel cable structure built into the side of the mountain, allowing visitors to strap into a harness and scale the sharp cliffs and heights of Mount Norquay, all while securely fastened to the mountain’s steel cable.

There are different routes for different comfort levels (but we know you’ll choose the hardest). Don’t you lose that ring on the climb!

A Proposal Spot for the Adventurous

Quite & Private Proposal Spots

Sulphur Gates – Grande Cache

This beautiful lookout is tucked away north of the Rockies and hangs over the merging Sulphur and Smoky rivers. You’ll find tall cliffs on either side of the rivers, framing the landscape with stark and stunning contrast. The hike to the top is an easy one, and there are multiple viewing areas along the cliffs so you can make sure you have your special moment in private.

Coliseum Mountain – Nordegg

A moderate hike with a rewarding view, Coliseum Mountain is the perfect getaway for those looking for solitude. The trail is a popular one, but lots of explorable space at the cap will allow you to find a quiet space for your special moment. Though the hike is not extremely difficult, it will take a good chunk of your day (around 5 hours total, depending on your pace), so be sure to set aside the time you need to reach the summit.

A Proposal Spot with a Change of Scenery

Dinosaur Provincial Park – Drumheller

You don’t have to leave Alberta for a change of scenery! Journey to the badlands of the Dinosaur Provincial Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site. This location is accessible year round and full of hiking and walking trails. Pick a hike (any hike) and start on your adventure! Getting to the top of one of the park’s many hills is not difficult: virtually any spot could be your private getaway. Make sure to avoid private land and bring lots of water and skin protection—Drumheller can get toasty.

Dinosaur Provincial Park – Drumheller