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4 Popular Women’s Wedding Bands Styles You Need to Know

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Wedding bands are a symbol of your commitment. Your wedding band should be as uniquely personal as this commitment. 

The first step in choosing your wedding band is understanding the different styles that are available. Here are four popular wedding band styles that you want to know about as you begin shopping for your wedding band. 

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1. A Simple Elegant Gold Band

When you imagine a wedding band, you may picture a plain gold band without any gemstones. While the gold band is iconic, a metal wedding band can be crafted from a variety of materials, including platinum and white, yellow, and rose gold. 

A metal wedding band is easy to match with your engagement ring. It’s also a fairly versatile choice as you can choose to stack it quite easily with other rings. And, though this style of wedding band traditionally is plainer, several customization options are available to make this design more personable to you.

2. Eternity Diamond Bands

An eternity band has gemstones that wrap the entire band. These bands are a popular option for a number of couples. 

An eternity band has diamonds – or other gemstones – that circle the entire ring. Generally, this type of band will use either a shared prong or channel setting. 

Classic engagement rings pair well with an eternity band. Since the wedding band adds an extra sparkle to the set, it can be used to heighten or dress up a more simple engagement ring.

3. Halfway Diamond Bands

Halfway diamond bands are generally chosen by those who want the look of an eternity band without the bulkiness of a full ring of gemstones. These bands have diamonds that encompass half the ring, creating extra sparkle and shine without the fullness of an eternity band. 

Halfway bands are a popular choice for many brides. Halfway diamond bands may have diamonds that cover half or three-quarters of the band, leaving customization options open.

4. Gemstone Bands

Gemstone wedding bands are a popular option for brides who want extra colour and vibrance to their wedding set. Gemstones can be used in lieu of some or all the diamonds in a wedding band.

Sapphires, rubies, and emeralds are popular choices for gemstones in a wedding band. You can choose to match these stones to your partner’s ring or simply use these pops of colour to express your own style. 

A Few Things To Keep In Mind As You Choose A Wedding Band

Mixing Metals

Don’t be afraid to mix metal colours when picking out your wedding band. If you like the look of white and yellow gold, then it’s perfectly natural to choose a wedding set that mixes those colours together. 

Matching Your Partner

No rule exists to prevent or require your wedding band to match your partner’s. While some couples choose to purchase bands that match or complement each other, that’s ultimately a decision that’s entirely up to you. 

You will want to discuss this with your partner though to make sure you know whether you want these rings to match. 

Other Customization Options

Wedding bands are highly customizable. If you have a strong vision in mind of what you’re looking for, be sure to communicate that to your trusted jeweller. It’s likely they’ll be able to find the ideal ring that matches any requirements you’re envisioning. And, if not, you can always discuss custom goldsmithing–though keep in mind that requires a bit of time to bring to life. 

Want to Find the Perfect Wedding Band for You? 

Our team is passionate about helping people find the right wedding band to symbolize their commitment to each other. We offer one-on-one wedding band appointments to help walk you through every step of choosing your ring to ensure you pick one that you’ll love for eternity. 

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