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Forevermark At Janina’s in Grande Prairie
Blending exceptionally brilliant diamonds with responsible mining and sourcing, Forevermark is an unparalleled choice for your diamonds. 

Forevermark diamonds are selected from the strictest standard to ensure the absolute highest possible quality. Less than one percent of the world’s natural diamonds meet this criteria, leaving Forevermark diamonds remarkably rare. To signify this rigorous selection, each Forevermark diamond is inscribed with an unique engraving.

Choosing a Forevermark diamond means choosing this commitment to beauty, rarity, and brilliance.

About Forevermark

Established in 2008 as part of the De Beers Group, Forevermark remains one of the finest diamond companies in the industry. The launch of Forevermark initially began with a promise to provide hand-picked and ethically sourced diamonds to their clients. 

Forevermark sources its diamonds from responsible mines, meaning they strive to equally benefit the people, communities, and countries where they are located. To ensure the process is completed as ethically as possible, Forevermark follows each diamond throughout its journey, from start to finish.  

While Forevermark was established in 2008, the company draws on over 125 years of expertise from its parent company, De Beers. The legacy of both companies assures each diamond selected is rare, brilliant, and of the highest quality. 

Forevermark At Janina’s in Grande Prairie

Janina’s Diamonds & Time is an authorized Forevermark dealer. Our Grande Prairie store showcases a considerable number of Forevermark diamonds. Whatever your diamond needs are, our team is here to assist you.

For online assistance, please take advantage of online concierge services. Our virtual shopping assistance will answer any questions you have regarding Forevermark diamonds and other pieces. Please enquire about Forevermark through this service so our expert team can best assist you.