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Here at Janina’s, we take unique pride in all that we do and offer. From excellent service to finely crafted pieces of jewellery, we aim to turn our clients’ collection of moments into long-lasting memories. It’s vital for us to ensure our clients make an informed and confident buying decision and pick the perfect gem that fits their style and budget. Step by step, we work with our clients to guide them through purchasing, insuring and maintaining their unique purchase.

Our service team works with our goldsmiths and clients to ensure a memorable and seamless shopping experience. With the philosophy of going the extra mile, our service staff truly give their all to ensure our clients make informed purchases and that they leave our store pleased and confident.



We offer two types of appraisals: In house and with a partner lab.

The majority of the appraisals we do are required for insurance companies since they only cover between $7,000 and $10,000 on a regular insurance policy. All additional coverage needs to have a professional appraisal.

Insurance companies usually require a new appraisal every three to five years. We provide an in-house appraisal by graduates of the diamond-grading program at the Gemological Institute of American (GIA). The charges for the appraisals vary based on the number of pieces and type of piece that is being appraised. The turn around time for an in-store appraisal is about five business days.

We also send out more complex pieces and jewellery to our partner lab. This service will take longer, but we will provide an estimate on cost and turnaround during your initial consultation.

Jewellery Cleaning

Allow your jewellery to look its best. Our quick and efficient cleaning services will restore the sparkle to each and every piece.

We recommend routine cleaning every three to four months and offer complimentary ultrasonic and steam cleaning to most jewellery, regardless of where it was purchased. The process takes no longer than four minutes, and leaves your jewellery looking as good as new.

We also offer Rhodium plating and polishing services to bring jewellery back to its original brilliance. This is a paid service and turnaround time depends on scheduling.

Book a consult today to find out how we can bring the sparkle back to your jewellery.

Sizing & Repairs

Make sure every piece of jewellery fits you perfectly. Our on-site, state of the art goldsmith studio can accommodate most types of repairs and sizings. Rest assured that your piece is in good hands, and also that you’ll receive the adjustment in a timely manner.

Our most common repairs are ring sizings, chain lengthening and shortening, repairing broken prongs and tips and rhodium plating, to name a few. As well, we recommend the “check and tighten” service. For rings with numerous diamonds and prongs (we’ve seen some with more than 150 diamonds!), our goldsmith analyzes the ring under a microscope and performs a check-and-tighten on every prong. When a ring has worn or damaged prongs, we are able to completely rebuild the prongs and tips.

After a consultation we will provide a time and price estimate on the service you require. We strive to have your jewellery ready within 10 business days, however this can vary depending on the time of year and demand. Call us today to learn more about how we can help you.

Watch Service

We want your timepiece to have longevity. Every watch purchased at Janina’s comes with a one-time, complimentary sizing. We also offer battery replacement, link removal and link addition services. If your timepiece needs a more significant repair, we have the ability to send certain brands to their service centre on behalf of the client. A surcharge is applied in these cases and we will discuss pricing, turnaround and options with you in person.

Endless Possibilities Thanks to Our In-House Goldsmiths

We take pride to be one of the few in the province to utilize laser welding as well as traditional soldiering . Our four in-house goldsmiths, bringing together over 75 years of experience, offer an array of services to ensure a seamless experience for our clients. Working with different design firms and manufacturers, our goldsmiths can create almost anything imaginable and work with our clients to create unique pieces of jewellery. They are also able to engrave different types of jewellery to create personal and meaningful pieces. To ensure the quality of our products, all of our pieces go through a strict quality control process to ensure that clients are satisfied with the end result. Even when it comes to repairs, instead of sending customer’s jewellery to 3rd party companies, our goldsmiths use state-of-art microscopes to take care of detailed repairs.

We want our clients’ jewellery pieces to remain looking fresh and new. With that in mind, we offer complimentary ultrasonic cleaning and steaming for jewellery pieces, even for items that are purchased elsewhere.

We always recommend that our clients have their jewellery appraised and added to their home insurance policy. To make this a painless experience, we offer in-house appraisals for all diamond jewellery that are done by our Gemological Institute of America (GIA) Diamond graduates or with the help of one of partner labs.

Our teams truly collaborate together to ensure that all of our clients’ needs are met and that their Janina’s experiences are seamless and joyful.

Complimentary Cleaning

At Janina’s Diamonds and Time, we want all jewellery, regardless of where you purchased it, to be just as beautiful and pristine as the day you bought it. Next time you’re coming into the store, bring your jewellery in for complimentary cleaning. The professional staff here at Janina’s will have it shining bright again, worthy of showing off.

Gift Wrapping

You’ve just bought a stunning piece of jewellery for your significant other, so now what do you do? A cute gift bag might be nice, or you could go the extra step and have this timeless piece professionally wrapped by the staff at Janina’s Diamonds and Time. Gift wrapping is free for all jewellery purchased at the store, all year long. This is a great option, to have the outside of your gift be just as beautiful as what’s on the inside.

Janina’s Gift Cards

Gifts cards are always a great option for that someone who seems to have everything, or when you’re not quite sure what to get.

At Janina’s Diamonds and Time, the gift card you’re giving could be used towards jewellery or a new watch, or even towards watch or eyeglass repair. The gift card could also come in handy if the recipient needs his or her ring repaired or resized down the road.

Gift cards can be purchased on their own, or in conjunction with a larger gift. For example, you could be purchasing a special ring and pair it with a gift card to have that ring resized later on, if necessary. The possibilities are endless, and the value of the gift card will never expire.

Come in to Janina’s Diamonds and Time today, and talk to our helpful and knowledgeable staff about your needs. We’re happy to help!


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