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Birks Bee Chic® White Enamel and Sterling Silver Earrings


The The Birks Bee Chic® collection is a stunning tribute to the honey bee, whose essential labour keeps nature thriving and beautiful. These hexagon white enamel and sterling silver earrings represent the iconic shape of the honeycomb. Their geometrical perfection recalls the wonderful symmetry of the natural world. They measure 14.50 mm high and 12.60 mm wide, with a thickness of 1.40 mm. The effortless elegance of these earrings for women makes them a perfect addition to your wardrobe. The sophistication of sterling silver against the smooth white enamel creates an enchanting reflective surface. Assert your personal style with the unique hexagon shape, whose clean lines complement any look. Enjoy wearing this intricate pattern during the daytime or at night for a style that's completely captivating. Maison Birks' tradition of careful craftsmanship in fine jewelry explores and is inspired by the balance of nature. The honey bee is Maison Birks' symbol, reflecting the eternal renewal and ideal harmony of the natural world.

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