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The Janina's Experience

Our Rolex Showroom

A visit to our Rolex showroom at Janina's offers professional expertise in a luxurious, intimate space that promotes a sense of harmony with the brand that has been setting the standard in watchmaking for more than a century. Every element of the interior design of our Rolex spaces features the elegant Rolex aesthetic, radiating the values of the Rolex crown—excellence, precision, and attention to detail.

Experience Rolex at Janina's Jewellers in Grande Prairie
Official Rolex Retailer

As an Official Rolex retailer, we are proud to present the Rolex collection in a space that enhances your experience. Our custom Rolex showroom provides a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere where you are welcome to explore the Rolex collection.

Knowledgeable & Skilled Staff - Janina's Jewellers - Official Rolex Retailer
The Rolex Experience

From knowledgeable and skilled staff to the highest quality timepieces, our clients are always guaranteed a personalized Rolex experience at Janina's. Our luxury customer service and extensive Rolex training is here to enrich every part of your shopping journey, committing to providing you with exceptional moments that will last a lifetime - and timepieces that will be cherished for generations to come. We invite you to visit us and enjoy a personalized experience in the Rolex space.

Rolex Showroom - Janina's Jewellers - Official Rolex Retailer - Grande Prairie

Our custom Rolex showroom is a great place to relax, providing a comfortable space to learn about the Rolex brand and to consider which timepiece will best suit your needs. Have a seat in our elegant chairs, enjoy a beverage of your choice, and allow our expert staff to guide you through the Rolex collection in comfort and relaxation.

Visit Our Rolex Showroom at Unit 112 11502 Westgate Drive

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