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Free shipping on orders over $100 Canada-wide. Free shipping on orders over $100 Canada-wide.

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Explore our virtual services

To address your jewellery needs during this time we’re offering new services. These services include virtual shopping assistance, curbside pickup, and webchat services. 

Virtual Shopping Assistance

We have several pieces of jewellery available on our new virtual pop-up shop – with more pieces being added each day. However, sometimes you require something specific. 

With Janina’s new virtual shopping assistance, we walk you through every step of buying your jewellery. We’ll chat with you over our webchat services or text message to get an idea of what you need. From there, we’ll select a few pieces we think you’ll love. 

To ensure you find the right piece, we’ll send multiple pictures and even videos – so you can see how much the ring, necklace, bracelet, or earrings sparkle and move. 

Use our webchat service (in the bottom corner of the screen) or text 780.539.9992 to start your virtual shopping experience.

Curbside Pickup

Your jewellery may have been dropped off for repair before our store closed. You may have ordered a custom piece that you’re now itching to try on. Or, maybe you found a ring or necklace on our virtual pop-up shop or through our virtual shopping assistance that you’re excited to start wearing.

Whatever the reason, you have the option to receive your jewellery at our store through curbside pickup.

Contact our store now to set up your pickup.

Webchat Services

Beyond virtual shopping assistance, you might have a simple – or complex – question about your jewellery. Our team is here for you, and happy to address any concerns you have. 

Use our webchat service (in the bottom corner of the screen) or text 780.539.9992.