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Galatea: Jewellery by Artist of San Dimas, California has launched a new line of fine jewellery featuring the Galatea Pearl™, the world’s first gemstone-enucleated carved cultured pearl. The collection includes earrings, pendants and rings set in white and yellow 14k gold.

Chi Huynh is the Galatea Pearl’s creator and the owner of Galatea. In 2005, he was awarded U.S. Patent #7,062,940 for the proprietary process that uses a center colored bead rather than traditional mussel shell for pearl culturing. Each Galatea Pearl is carved by hand to reveal the color beneath the pearl’s luminescent surface. It is one of the most significant variations in pearl farming since the early part of the 20th century when pearls were first cultured in Japan.

The oysters are first enucleated with perfectly round beads such as R.C. turquoise, amethyst, garnet, citrine, simulated coral and opal and left to grow for almost a year to obtain its luxurious nacre or exterior coating. The nacre is then carved away by hand with signature Galatea flourishes to let the color shine through.


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